Thursday, August 19, 2021

Short Clips

 Bring back the mean tweeter. This one has balls and brains the size of a tiny 'skeeter.

They are trying to wear us down. Don't fall for it. On the other side of this, when they are arrested, tried and sentenced, they will be begging for their lives. I long for that day. I started working out and eating better so I can witness it.

If, after all that is unfolding so clearly before your eyes, you still think this is about a virus, you are insane.

Are we dying fast enough or shall we get another booster shot?

LOL...when the Taliban (or whoever they are) calls out Facebook and big tech for censoring freedom of know you are nearing end times 😊 Laughing my ample white buttocks off as I write this.

Wisdom of the Sages:
"Comment not on the shit in other countries until thou hast identified, removed and sanitized the excrement in thine own serfdom."
This message was brought to you by the residents of Any-Place-Istan.

The Ameri-Marionette administration has lost all control. We are now at the proverbial line in the sand. This is where we decide to live as free men and women or as slaves to the new world order financial reset.
The choice you make today dictates how you and your progeny will be forced to conduct themselves for many a year to come.
May the odds be ever in your favor.