Tuesday, December 14, 2021

Ho Ho Ho Woe Woe Woe

Woe unto the people of today. They know not the meaning of courage. Lions have become lickspittles. Hunters have become the hunted. Sovereign souls have handed their precious free will over to the darkness and are now feeble-minded, weak-willed empty shells.

In the fight against totalitarian tyranny, courage means standing up straight, looking the demons in the eye, staring them down, making it known we are prepared to die but never will we comply.
Woe unto the people of today who cannot muster enough courage to enter a business without masking up. Woe unto those who would rather bend the knee to evil than explore and expose their powerful, magnificent, divine true selves.
As we enter the season of Ho Ho Ho...all I see is Woe Woe Woe. Really peeps...is this all you have? Is this life? Endless rooster bots, permanent face diapering, rotating restrictions and generally acquiescing to any and all contradictory bullshit the state propagandists churn out?
Dudes. Woe.