Sunday, August 15, 2021

You Can Stick Your Mask Where the Sun Don't Shine

 Good Morning Freethinkers

😊 Here we go with another round of mandates. Every act of compliance is an act of obedience to the Luciferian state. The stakes are too high. If America falls to New World Order, the world falls. I can only speak for myself but I assure you, I will never comply. I will not join an enslaved, mind controlled social body. What a waste of an incarnation! We are individualized manifestations of Supreme Cosmic Intelligence. We project ourselves into physical life to bring that glory onto our chosen realm. If the Establishment tells me I have to inject myself with a bio weapon to buy food, to enter a restaurant or take part in any social activity, I guess they will move on without me. Some things are worth dying for. This is the line in the sand. Draw it or let the tsunami take you.