Monday, August 23, 2021

What Happened to our beloved country?

What happened to you, America?

We were the land of the free, the home of the brave. Our country is now a bio-matter farm, factory farming a clueless, obedient, state dependent human cash crop.
Forcing people to accept poison into their bodies for the privilege of simply going about their daily business? Denying them their livelihoods and access to the social body if they do not comply with immoral and illegal mandates aka Satanic Ritual?
Censorship of free speech…in America? What insanity is this and why do you comply? You have lost your nerve. You have allowed a small handful of evil people and their many jumped-up, ego inflated petty bureaucrats to crush your cosmic inheritance.
You have succumbed to the illusion, allowed it to terrorize you…you have cowered in the face of the truth and worshiped the false golden calf.
You were born magnificent, individualized manifestations of Supreme Cosmic Intelligence and this is how you use it? Masks? Social distancing? Hit me with the death jab so I can go to the movies?
People…it’s way past time to kick the arses of the Dark Establishment and their bought and paid for nattering nabobs of negativism.
Stop cowering. You dishonor your true nature. You are stardust. Start acting like it.
*In the distance...can you hear it...I hear the T train a 'comin.