Tuesday, September 14, 2021

After Mando Jabberwocky comes...?


Without free will, the collective consciousness cannot expand and evolve.  Without free will, mankind cannot thrive.  If mankind allows the group of power-hungry sociopaths calling itself ‘government’ to make decisions on its behalf, mankind relegates its cosmic status to earthbound slave aka brain-washed, mind-controlled automaton…terror-stricken obedient servant, cowering before a corrupt state.

If, by now, you have not realized the greater agenda behind current events, you are an imbecile, and we will have to move forward without you.  Make no mistake, we are moving forward. 

To those who have eagerly submitted to ridiculous, humiliating, immoral, illegal, and evil instructions from the corrupt state, for the privilege of simply going about your daily business…you have allowed yourselves to be abused.  You have shown the Dark Establishment that you will do anything to keep things the way they are, and in doing so, you have accepted abuse, corruption and evil as part of your lives.

Everything happening now, we warned you about for years.  If you continue to allow and perhaps enjoy the abuse heaped upon you by those who openly mock you and think of you as cattle, let me tell you what comes after, “I’m okay with mando jabberwocky.” 

“Good morning, Citizen Automaton #978635427466.  Our records show you have two healthy kidneys.  For the sake of public health, we require you to surrender one.  Here is your appointment card.”

“Good morning Citizen Automaton #78563129876054.  Our records show you are approaching your 65th birthday.  As you know, the state has designated 65 years as the maximum time allowed for mortal life.  Here is your appointment card for your trip to the other place.  The state thanks you for your life and rest assured, your carcass will be put to good use.”

If you are giggling at the above, let me repeat that everything we predicted, everything, is unfolding right now, right before your very eyes.  Everything we predict going forward will also happen, just as we say it will.

You have a choice.  You can continue to feed the beast and lose your sovereignty or…you can do something useful, nay glorious, with your incarnation.  Fear feeds the beast and starves your soul.  Sovereignty affirms your cosmic nature and makes you whole.

Stop cowering and start empowering!