Sunday, August 15, 2021

I Stand for the Second Amendment

Australians gave their guns away. Americans still have them.
My UK friends tease me about America's obsession with God, Family and Guns. Well, if you are paying attention, you will see that guns are why we still can say God and family. Patriots saw this coming years ago.
Globalists want that to go away. No sense of spirituality. No sense of tribe. Heck, if they have their way, the age of consent would be lowered to 13, then twelve, then eleven and keep going until pedophilia is just a sexual orientation and perfectly acceptable. Honestly...have you not figured this out yet?
That's what open borders are all about. Trafficking. Humans, drugs. Everything is acceptable. Let the Central Committee decide what you eat, where you eat it, how you eat it, where you dispose of it...and how you should copulate with it.
Tolerate everything. Go on. Wear three masks while you are at it and be grateful you have the Establishment to protect you from invisible germs floating about because Lord knows, you are not capable of making any decisions pertinent to your own welfare.
The perceptual engineers have done a number on you all. That number is 666.

I posted this one year ago and it stands today.