Thursday, August 19, 2021

We Were Right about EVERYTHING

NWO is taking over in Australia. The police are acting as the jack boots of the Dark Establishment, smashing citizens’ rights and in some cases, their bodies.

Australians are rebelling against this evil. Europeans and the British are rebelling against this evil.
The Luciferians’ golden prize is the USA, the land of the free and the home of the brave. To my fellow Americans, when did this great land become the land of masked morons and the home of cowering, weak-minded, feeble apologies for sovereign beings?
There is no savior. Each of us must decide today…live as soul sovereign free men and women or submit to slavery.
The Divine created me from pure cosmic essence. I am, as are you, pure, unblemished, cosmic energy, magnificent beyond all understanding…having an individualized human experience.
Obeying immoral and illegal mandates are not actions worthy of Divine/Cosmic souls. Extinguishing the brilliant light within us and giving it to the puppets of a dark and unspeakably evil regime are not the actions of those who understand their true Divine nature, to those who know they came to Earth to expand cosmic consciousness…not diminish it.
I will never submit to this insanity. It pains me deeply to see how little self-worth, self-respect and general awareness people have. It pains me deeply to see the erosion of the collective intellect. It pains me deeply to see sovereign beings cower in the face of the paper tiger.
On some level, you know something is wrong. It is time to grow up now. It is time to stop protecting your small minded false alter egos with a wall of fear. If America falls, this will not be a world worth living in. I was right about everything else. I am right in this.