Monday, August 16, 2021

Wake Up Stuff

This may be a novel concept for some can say NO to any "guideline" that has death and serious injury as a side effect.

This is not a partisan comment...and I am so very tired of having to point that out each time yet here we are: The tons of bricks approach to discrediting DJT should have been a major red flag for Americans. It was a heads up (for those who think with their own minds and not with the programming of media propaganda) that the Dark Establishment was poised to use the left, with the help of paid for rinos, to push their totalitarian agenda. No opposition. No voice of dissent. No opportunity given to expose government corruption. O ye of tiny minds...what have you done? You fed the beast and now it is poised to devour you whole. Ani exits stage right, holding a Spartan spear and a book on prepping and situational awareness.