Wednesday, December 15, 2021

You Don't Know What Courage Is.

Each day brings more surprises with regard to the level of imbecility on display. You don't have the courage to shop unmasked? You don't have the courage to enter a building without covering your face? Seriously?

Sharing your smile doesn't take courage. My great-grandparents watched the Turkish establishment of the day round up and slaughter their Christian brethren and somehow, they managed to escape and walk from Adana to the safety of Greece, to start a new life, to preserve our bloodline.
That's courage.
Staring down an armed Bolshevik soldier, refusing to comply with illegal and immoral instructions, knowing you may well be shot right there and then, that's courage.
Having run out of ammunition, stuffing your body into the enemy's big cannon to allow your platoon to escape, knowing no part of you will be left to bury, that's courage.
My ancestors and family may well be the most dysfunctional set of weirdos known to man, but they knew the meaning of sovereignty, they know what courage is.
And you tell me you don't have the guts to go shopping without a face diaper even though you know the official narrative is bollocks and nothing to do with health?
Shame on you. You are a debit to this great country.