Thursday, August 19, 2021

Don't Make Excuses. Own it and Move On.

As peeps awaken to the true agenda behind this evil, emotions begin to stir. I now see posts along the lines of, "Even if it turns out this was a hoax and I was a sheeple, I am okay with falling for it because my motivation was kindness."

If kindness was your motivation, your only motivation, what a sweet soul you are. It is unfortunate that your kindness was liberally sprinkled with naiveté. I doubt kindness was the motivating force behind the majority of mask wearers and injected. It was fear that fed the beast. Fear and its many secondary emotions...all leading to the mass psychosis we see today.
If you realize your were misled, deceived, you don't need to make excuses for it. The Dark Establishment's campaign of perceptual engineering was relentless, well planned and well funded. Billions of dollars were spent polluting your mind with illusion, drowning out the voices of reason and logic. I once worked as a cog in their wheel. I know the agenda. I know how cleverly they worked to take over your minds.
Own the deception...don't make excuses for it. Congratulate yourselves for having the courage and maturity to see through the illusion, for allowing your higher selves to pierce the barriers "they" built to prevent you from accessing your higher wisdom.
Now you are aware, grieve what happened and let's move on. We have much work ahead if we are going to affirm our individual and national sovereignty.
For the courage you have shown during your awakening, I honor you. Welcome to the real world. Welcome to the light. We have your back.