Sunday, August 15, 2021

Random Rants and Other Animals

At this point, anyone believing this is about health...anyone believing more rooster bots are going to save them...I guess your IQ must be very close to my target weight.

No point of view should be censored. In a society with a decent moral compass, right-minded people ( and it pains me to have to point out that right-minded has no partisan implications) will turn away from the bullshit and engage in other content.
Idle minds devolve humankind.

Grouchy says we may need endless rooster shots. I guess we are not dying fast enough.

I love rhymes. Booster shot rhymes with blood clot.

If a government wishes to control and then murder its citizens via biological warfare...what would that look like? Would the signs be obvious? For example...get jabbed or lose your job and access to the social body?

No matter how much the Establishment pays them to push Francine and Frandate, it won't be enough to buy themselves out of the 66th Circle of Hell.

Did you vote for NWO Fascism hiding under the thin veneer of liberalism? Worried about incurring massive karmic debt? Having nightmares about your place in the 66th Circle of Hell?
Fear not! Send me $10,000 and I will magically erase your soul debt.
What? You think it's a scam? Well, it was worth a try since you fell so easily for the first one.
*This notice is sent to you by Tongue in Cheek and was not endorsed by anyone of note.

Once you realize they created the story of Cyrus to sell you all starts making sense. One work of fiction, an illusionary affliction. One carefully planned curve ball. One prick to trick them all.

Attention Citizens! Did they promise you freedom if you consented to date Francine? Shame...they lied. What a surprise.

I spoke with a couple of federal employees today. They were fuming about the upcoming mask mandates. Peeps are going to walk out. The peeps that understand what is at stake, they will walk away.

I weep for Oregon. Because No Child Left Behind made everyone stupid, we are lowering the bar? It's okay to be a moron now? No reedin' or writin' or 'rithmatic?
If you want to control people, make sure they have no creative visualization critical thinking skills. Why don't we just train them to poop in their pants and have the state clean it up? After all, they enjoy being spoon fed state sanctioned bullshit.
One wonders what it will take to get the people to rise up and say, "Enough." It's hot today. I should be dreaming of a white Christmas. Instead, I'm dreaming of a military coup to oust NWO. By the by, my ideology is libertarian so wow...that's how effed up this world is today.

CRT = Race Baiting. Don't bother commenting to the contrary. Your naiveté will be deleted.

Mr. Greasy' s replacement is just as sleazy. Come on New Yorkers! Live up to your reputation as no BS takers. Let's get these Establishment minions out of office and into custody for crimes against humanity.