Monday, August 2, 2021

Illegal and Illusionary

I hope you realize this:  most of what is happening is not legal and most certainly it is immoral and evil. The govt. (or any organization) does NOT have the right to force you to commit suicide by injection.

Just effing say NO.  I understand the pressure...I worked as a perceptual engineer so believe me when I say I know my subject matter.  Billions are spent each day to put other people's thoughts inside OUR heads.

The 1% does not control us.  They have created an illusion of control and we fell for it.  Time to grow up and shatter the illusion because the stakes are too high now for error.

You are sovereign beings.  You do not acquiesce to immoral mandates.  You do not allow a "Ping" from your mobile phone to dictate your actions.

To quote David, "Human race...get off your knees."  To which I add, "Stand up straight and look the Cosmic Divine in the eye and know your worth for once you do, the entire Hierarchy of Light will join forces with you and that, my darlings, is an invincible army."