Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Where in the World is Ghislaine?

Hello World...Ani Here.

So, another child trafficking sociopath has been arrested.  Has anyone asked why it took so long for these despicable servants of the Establishment to be apprehended?

No arrests were made during the Clinton years...or the Obama years.  People poo pooed the idea of pedophiles in high places.  Those would be the same people actively engaged in aforementioned child trafficking.  What do you need children for?  To sexually abuse them for pleasure and for ritual...and for the production of adrenochrome.

It's not just children, by the way.  They procure them as children, but as soon as girls reach maturity, they turn them into brood mares.  Think puppy mills.  They take the brood mare's children away and torture them...that's how you get the particular brand of adrenochrome favored by these evil bastards.  

If you are shocked by this revelation, I too am shocked.  I am shocked because those who were brave enough to expose it, were ridiculed and silenced.  Thank you, President Trump and the Patriots, for making the rescue of these children and women a priority.

Morality, or lack thereof aside, adrenochrome fuels the Establishment's blackmail hustle.  It is an incredibly expensive commodity with a limited supply stream so if you are hooked on it, and you will be, they own you.  One can only assume the previous administrations were part of the dominance game.  Why else would they not have exposed this disgusting satanic practice? 

Ghislaine Maxwell.  Ugh.  How many lifetimes does it take to overwrite empathy?  How many incarnations before  you succumb totally to the density of a material-driven agenda?   Incarcerated or not, never underestimate a sociopath...and this piece of Luciferian feces hiding in female form is a sociopath of the supreme order.  

She will never admit her crimes because in her mind, she committed no crimes.  She will have to spill some beans to survive...and I can assure you she will do whatever she can to take Trump down.  He is, after all, responsible for breaking up her gang of deplorables.  

Many will be all too willing to believe her and use her lies (yes they will be lies) to conduct further character assassinations on Potus, but it won't work.  I believe the Feds will put their brightest and their best on her interrogation team.   I look forward to the spilling of the beans.  Let's hope she lives long enough to implicate all those in need of exposure because if she does, it will open many eyes and light up many brain bulbs.

Such a shame I am no longer in the safe house business.  I would love to have her as my guest.

Chortles wickedly and exits stage left wearing a dark velvet cloak...