Thursday, July 23, 2020

And the bleeding hearts, we will train them to support the totalitarian state and usher in New World Order.

😞With regard to the title of this blog, those are not my words.  I have heard those words on many occasions, in many a conference room, some wood paneled, some mundane, some ultra modern, and some in a tent in the middle of nowhere land.

My particular skill set being useful to a variety of organizations, my work has taken me to some interesting places.  Let's just say some of the projects I have worked on have opened my eyes/blown my mind wide open/filled my heart with dread/caused me to doubt the sanity of those in power.  Quick version: I learned how the world works, who runs it and why.  

I openly share this knowledge (not details...I signed stuff and I like being alive ) with a view to opening minds and preventing the Establishment from winning the war on our minds.  Since we, the American people, are quite well armed, they had to make the war one of emotional psyops.  This is why I am against gun control.  That plus I like plinking.

In a world gone mad, and the world is currently not in its right mind, it is our last line of defense against forced vaccinations, mind/DNA altering microchips and a future in which all humanoids are obedient slaves, responding to their master's instructions received via appropriate microchip frequency. Yes, I can assure you, this is exactly what they have planned for you.  I would not have believed it myself if I had not heard it, time and time again, with my own ears.

Small mercies...only a small percentage of the population will be subjected to this heinous assault on sovereignty.  Depopulation being the end game, always was and always will be, 80%+ will have been deleted by other means, falsely labelled inoculations being a particular favorite.

If you would all stop being distracted and triggered (by whatever the media chooses to trigger you with) for five minutes, and think about the implications of living in such a world...the horror of it might just sink in and you might just decide to wake up and take an interest in your evolution.  Some quiet time, a few days away from any media input, would radically alter your perception.

My cashmere gloves are off.  I want you to see clearly where my fingers point.