Friday, July 10, 2020

Seriously? Will you fall for that one too?

Hi Peeps  The more people awakened, the stronger the Establishment push back. Watch out for a new strain of contagion "coming to a town near you!"

They, the Establishment, not to be confused with the government, are toying with variations of black death...not the actual contagion...much to their dismay...but the narrative.

Black Death; now there's a plague I can wrap my mind around! One in three dropping like flies. It is nothing short of New World Order porn!

I wonder how many peeps will buy into that one? How does one convince people that hundreds of millions are dropping dead, bodies littering the streets, floating in rivers, undertakers crashing with exhaustion before they too drop dead when, quite clearly, that is not the case?

O wait. I seem to remember some sort of a dress rehearsal...or was I just dreaming?