Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Random Saves from Social Media Before Censorship

*Independent fact checkers keep taking down my posts? Fact check my big, white arse, you charlatans.

*They are banning anything against the official narrative now. Not just videos but the transcripts. Heil Hitler, America.

*How have you, the great American people, not yet figured out the extent to which you have been played? Anything contrary to the official globalist agenda is immediately censored. In America! Hello? Anyone out there?

*Reasons to be Tearful. Part One. The Ignorance. The Arrogance. The Apathy.

"Defund the Police" is not about redistributing financial resources. It is part of a well planned play to dismantle America and hand over control to United Nations.

How did you not see this coming? What trivia were your minds focused on? This has been in the works since the 1970s.

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*There are people out there who would rather see Americans die than admit that someone outside their partisan affiliations suggested a safe, inexpensive and viable alternative to vaccination.
These people are not only useful idiots for the Establishment, they are accessories to murder. Shame on them.

It baffles me, saddens me and if I am honest, disgusts me, how quickly this once great nation fell for the UN takeover of America. Not on my watch.

*Trolls Troll Troll Trolls
Trolls Troll Troll Troll
Here a troll, there a troll
everywhere a troll troll.
Troll la la
Troll la le
Troll la li
Troll la lo
Trolls make noise
without grace without poise.
Do you know what trolls don't got?
Trolls don't got balls.

*God Bless all the medical doctors who came together as America's Front Line Doctors and spoke out today.

There has always been a cure for covid. POTUS suggested it but the globalists, anxious to murder more Americans, did their usual dismiss and ridicule routine.

Masks are unnecessary.

Fauci and Gates must now be tried for crimes against humanity.