Monday, July 13, 2020

Not on my Watch!

👀Hi Peeps  July 13, 2020

While it would be an understatement, with bells on, to say times are crazy, the major spiritual tenets still stand.

Attitude, vibration, alignment.

When preparing your prepper's pantry, you are doing so because it is the sensible thing to any time and in preparation for any or natural.

The Establishment excels at keeping peeps in a constant state of threat perception. It does this because fear is a groovy control mechanism and never fails.

It does this because living in fear wears one down, erodes motivation and curiosity, resulting in the erosion of individual and collective intellect. Once that happens, boom...wear a mask minions and do as we say...even though it could not be more obvious that whatever this contagion is, there is no pandemic...but we wore you down so ha ha we control you.

Get prepping for this reason. We are sovereign souls with no intention of bending the knee to dark control mechanisms for the privileged of putting food in our mouths and drinking clean water.

The war against the American people, yes that is what we are in the midst of, is a mind control war. It is a mind control war for many reasons not the least of which is because most of us are armed. Don't forget to add extra ammo to your prep pantry list.

American gun owners hope the only opportunity to discharge firearms is on the range or during hunting, but, as the saying goes, When tyranny becomes law, rebellion becomes duty.

Prep sensibly, prep calmly. We got this! God bless and preserve America.

It's time to reclaim the word Patriot from the Globalists because the affirmation of our individual and national sovereignty is the only thing keeping us from becoming grunts in the NWO order dream of complete corporate takeover. Not on my watch. Not...on my watch.