Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Behind the Curtain...Wizard of Oz or...the Grand Wizard of Khazaria?

πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰Hello World...Ani here.😏

In case you had not noticed, the Establishment is trying to start a civil war in America.  BLM, a lily white fund raising machine dedicated to maintaining deep state control, is a small part of that agenda.  "What!  Surely not Ani!  It's about civil rights and brutality and not giving people their fair share of the American pie!"  Swap out BLM for other initials...it matters not...this is not about black Americans.

My response to that is, "Wake the flip up O ye indoctrinated and easily manipulated minions of the system.  Fair share of pie?  This nation is awash in obesity.  There is plenty of pie.  You have to learn to make your own pie.  Learn to make lots of pie and share freely.  What could be better than sharing pie with those who have no pie?  Teaching people how to make their own pie, from scratch, flavored according to their preference.  Pies are being baked all over America.  If we want pie, we have to learn to follow the scent.

Or do we want to stay home, wallow in our victim mentalities and eat the government pie?  Think carefully about that last sentence because that is exactly what the government-behind-the-government  bakers want for us.  To sit at home, to receive and be grateful for our monthly digital stipend payout, to exchange it for a slice of artificially flavored genetically modified government pie...which we will eat in silence while giving thanks to Big Brother.

No motivation to achieve or evolve beyond what we are given.  Comply.  Obey.  Consume what we are given.  Be grateful.  Forget our true nature...forget our cosmic divine origin.  Forget we are cosmic space adventurers created by a magnificent Cosmic Creator to boldly go forth and create new realms of experience.  The expansion of consciousness?  Phooey on such notions!

You are getting very sleepy.  The voice of mainstream media is the only voice you hear.   Put on your masks.  Ridicule free thinkers.  Be afraid...be very afraid of the covid monster lurking around every corner, on every surface, at every Trump rally and small business location but not, apparently, at Soros financed riots or at big lot stores.

Who needs cash?  Surely it is better for the government-behind-the-government to control every cent in and every cent out.  Where is the joy in quietly slipping your grandchildren a twenty spot to spend as they wish?  Why have a special occasion jar filled with spare change and a few dollar bills?  Surely it is better for the government to dictate what constitutes a special occasion?  

What's that?  Please speak up...I can't hear you.  O...you've lost your voice?  Hmm...perhaps you have been wearing that mask for too long?

I wish you awakening and all things cool :-(