Sunday, July 19, 2020

Stupidity By Any Other Name...

😒For the time being, we have the illusion of living in a free country, with stiff penalties for venturing out without a muzzle so, you decide what that means to you.

Not interested in your opinion any more than you are interested in mine...not today. 

Just pointing out, on my blog, the absurdity of the situation and how easily the collective covered up the upper set of cheeks while willingly uncovering, spreading and offering the lower set of cheeks.

If this contagion was as anywhere near as deadly as the evil globalist bastards make it out to be, do you honestly think a stupid little mask is going to save you?  And have you not yet figured out they are toying with you, like rats in a maze?

"OMG...they fell for that!  Good start!  Let's turn it up a bit and see if they will go for it.  OMG...they are still falling for it!  Let's tell them they have to wear their masks when they enter a restaurant but can remove it while they chew but, it has to go back on in between bites and, of course, when they visit the loo and exit the premises.  Isn't this fun Bill?  We have the little fuckers by the short and curlies."

"Yes indeed, Anthony.  Reminds me of the good old days when you killed all those faggots with HIV.  Happy days, Anthony.  Happy Days."

Jesus wept.  All comments will be will we all if we don't sort this out.