Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Amused, Bemused, Gut Busted...Disgusted.

Every morning I get out of bed hoping the American people have woken up and seen through this war on their minds and the vile assault on their freedoms.

I am encouraged by pockets of emerging awakening here and there but on the whole, every morning I am disappointed and saddened. My pre-meditation emotions range from amusement to embarrassment to outright disgust.

What happened to this nation of free thinkers and rugged individuals? The progeny of the Founding Fathers have submitted to slavery of the mind. They walk around muzzled and in fear, muttering insults at those who refuse the muzzle.

I invite, I beg the president to use the army to intervene.  In a million years I never thought I would ever utter those words!  Please, bring in the army and liberate us from the tyranny of the globalist state governors, mayors and all those who are fed from the deep pockets of the Gates/Fauci brigade.

Peeps, please look around you. There is no pandemic.  Contagions fill the air 24/7...and yet we live. There is no pandemic. We are not knee deep in bodies. They have cast an illusion over us to usher in New World end to personal and national sovereignty...and most of you are busy insulting and disparaging the one man brave enough to stand up against this evil.

There is no pandemic. You've been had and OMG you fell for it so easily. I weep for this great country.  How America responds to this very real threat of NWO takeover affects the future of this planet. There is no pandemic. You've been had. OMG...can you not see that...seriously?

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