Sunday, October 23, 2022

A little catch-up from my various social media posts. Not all one post!

Beware the cult of personality. No one has the full picture. No one has all the answers. Some are doing better than others but remember this...they are not only fighting great evil, they must contend with a misaligned, distracted and misinformed socially engineered population. On the other side of this, we must dismantle the multi party system and, for as long as a federal government is needed, create an American Senate. No left, no right. Just the body with the only agenda being the betterment of the nation, the betterment of mankind.

Because the people have shown weakness, the Establishment will never back down. We have to step up.

Attempted mass genocide against Joe Public should result in all out revolution...yet all I see are peeps going about their daily business. Sudden Death Syndrome. Countless 'unexplained' symptoms. Destruction of the immune system. Mental health issues up the wazoo. Reproductive issues in both males and females. It seems a significant portion of the World of Earth Craft participants have resigned from engagement and become NPCs. Such sadness to see the glory of our divinity cashed in for basic necessities. Depend on the dak matrix and it will swallow you whole.

Welcome to the new week 😊 We are in the weirdest of all wars. No one really knows who the enemy is. We have the bigger picture, sure...but players are changing sides as often as we change our underwear. The worst of it is...there is no clear playing field. No neat rows of soldiers marching up and down, shooting each other. To win this war, each person must clearly define their core moral principles and live up to them every day. Each soul must be illuminated and refuse to take part in the humiliation the 'dark' ones wish to inflict upon mankind. To win a war such as this one, we must have inner peace...or we are lost.

The closer we get to make or break time, the more the misinformation ramps up on all sides. Party affiliations mean nothing at this point. The game is sovereignty versus slavery. Stop relying on mainstream news for accurate reporting. They report the official deep state blurb. The alternative news sources are not all that reliable either. Joe Public is a ping pong ball being bashed about by power players both good and bad.
Reclaim your minds and stop eating pre-digested garbage from the giant spoon of insanity. Gather your own intel and review it calmly and objectively. We are creations of pure Source energy. We came to bring the glory of the divine cosmos to Earth...not to cower in fear and consume pestilence.

Methinks we are taking this attempted mass genocide thing far too lightly...

The NY Governor to require a three year social media report before you can apply for a conceal carry. We warned you all. Next step, three year social media score to get any service, including access to food. Anyone who thinks this is a good idea is welcome to it and we are happy to move forward without you. Did you incarnate just to hand over your God given sovereignty? Sadness. Madness. It will end in badness.

Roos said Small's admission that the vaccine was not tested to prevent transmission "removes the entire legal basis for the COVID passport..."
Pfizer executive admits COVID-19 vaccine was never tested to prevent transmission: 'This is scandalous'
In a shocking admission, a Pfizer executive on Monday stated that the company did not know if the COVID-19 mRNA vaccine it developed....would have any effect. So, apparently tin foil hats are better than blindfolds. Don't say we didn't warn you.

They have admitted it was never tested for transmission.

O the deep roots of indoctrination through fear! On my last podcast, which I hope will be uploaded today, I mentioned that I do not bend my knee or bow my head to anyone or anything, including God. Instead, when I pray, I raise my head and hands up to The Divine in alignment. This seems to have rattled a few folks. They are horrified that I would so disrespect God! I am disappointed by their immaturity. The Divine wishes us to embrace our true nature; our true nature is divine. If I bend my knee and bow my head, I am staring at the floor. If I raise my being up into the Heavens, I am staring into the glory that is eternal creation. If one is so petty, then one can betty that one's mind will turn into spaghetti. xoxo Have a groovy day, my darlings. God is great and so are we. 😊

We warned you about one world government. You said it was a conspiracy theory. WEF now openly talks about one world government. Perhaps it is time to review a few more of our 'conspiracy theories'. If you haven't figured it out by now...sigh.

All these healthy athletes all over the world dropping wonder why? Could it be something they put into their bodies in the last year or so?

Germans took to the streets demanding the re-opening of Nord 2. Cue deep state sabotage of aforementioned pipe line. Amazing but many people cannot see the controlled demolition of individual rights. Sadness.

Mankind was not designed to consume pestilence. Say no to eating bugs. For the love of decency and common sense...don't fall for this humiliation.

Two opposing factions...oldest trick in the book...for as long as We the People identify with a political faction and not with our country...we will continue to be lied to, manipulated and generally herded like cattle all the way to the slaughterhouse. Why is the obvious lost on so many people? O wait...

Mr. T set out to stop the wars. Jingle Joe has been instructed to escalate them. So many automatons out there, believing the carefully crafted official narrative. Badness, Sadness. Madness.


When I say both the truth and the poop are not hidden, but staring us in the face...that we have missed the spout your party's mission statement/agenda/paid for politics/media daily spin blurb/insert preferred substitute for rational mind.
All parties have been corrupted by Deep State money. The entire world is under the spell of the money matrix. Thanks to patriots in the NSA and the military and the civil service, and their ability to monitor all communication, albeit illegally, Deep State agenda was identified, and busted, not by tin foil hats, but by accountants.
They followed the money. The Great Awakening is not about elephants and donkeys or green people. It is about freedom versus tyranny. Sovereignty versus perpetual slavery.
Another post falling on polarized and deaf ears. I think I'll enjoy a nice cold lager and maybe a small shot of Kentucky's best.
Peace be with you all. God bless America.
PS I am sure Snowden is enjoying Russian hospitality but it is time to let him come home.
I am sure Julian Assange is not enjoying life in Belmarsh Prison. Every honest journalist should be up in arms and on the streets because of Assange. Do you see that anywhere? No. Nor do I. A free press? They can pucker up and kiss my ample white buttocks.