Friday, February 18, 2022

I'm back and apologies for absence. Work has been beyond crazy. OMG! Canadian cops are Lickspittles!

 #1 Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Austria, Italy...this is what happens when you give government too much power. This is why we Americans will never give up our 2nd Amendment rights. If you are okay with the illegal, immoral, evil actions of tyrants, please take a moment to go home and feed your pet pineapples. The voices in your heads...yes...they are real. ;-(

#2 Cops in Canada are going to get a dose of Car-ma. Hey, copper! Leave those trucks alone! You can serve the Light and help us win this war can be Trudeau's whores. I have worked with many cops over the years and I don't know a single one who would take arms against their own people. Shame on you. Vos actions sont déshonorantes.

#3 Peeps write to me to let me know they do not resonate with my religious language. "I am not a Christian.' or "We are not religious." On both counts, nor am I. That said, I do have the utmost reverence for Emmanuel and while I have no need for religion, a man-made construct, I strive to live my life through cosmic divine alignment. If it helps, do this. Replace God with the Force and Lucifer with Darth Vader. Better? Good. Thank you.


#4 Hey RCMP! You cannot serve two masters. You can either protect and serve We the People or you can be a Luciferian Lickspittle. Do you wish to serve an almighty, loving, forgiving and generally awesome God know...the other one?

#5 Strange dream last night. I was Aria Stark from Game of Thrones. I eliminated (polite term for extreme sanction) House Frey. The Hound came along and made me a cup of tea. We laughed and laughed and then played frisbee with digestive biscuits. Today is a good day 🙂

#6 To all Canadian Police. You are on the wrong side of history. You will be held accountable for your actions. Please take some time to watch videos of what happened to fascist police after WW2. You cannot serve two masters. Choose the Light or the Darkness. It's not a difficult choice for people in their right minds. Shame on you all.

#7 Y'all know that woman is not actually Hillary Killer Clinton...right? Y'all know that's not Joe the Deep State Ho Biden...right? Y'all know that's not O so grossee Pelosi...right? Y'all see the difference when they use Illuminati Toy Boy Trudeau's double...right? I mean...look closely. It's obvious.

#8 Whatever you read in Satan Stream media about Ukraine is...rubbish.

#9 The Cabal disguised dystopia as democracy and y'all fell for it? Swiss cheese has fewer holes than the official narrative yet...y'all fell for it?

#10 Sung to the tune Hang Down Your Head Tom Dooley.

Hang down your head Justin Trudeau
Hang down your head and cry
The Truckers are coming for you
when they find you, your arse is pie.
You tried to deceive your people
Told them they had no choice
It turns out they are wolves not sheeple
They are howling, do you hear their voice?
Hang down your head Justin Trudeau
Hang down your head in shame
The people are coming for you
They will end your evil game.
Ani Avedissian wrote this and made a cup of tea to celebrate.