Friday, May 6, 2022

Let's Pick a Word


Let’s pick a word


Let’s pick a word

Let’s pick the word stupid.

If one blindly follows the herd

One’s fear is deeply rooted.

Who fills your trough?

Are the contents diluted?

How will you know

If you are too frightened to dispute it?

That strange, fixed smile on your face

Is a thin veneer hiding inner turmoil.

It’s not peace, it’s not grace

It’s the last remnant of your sanity

Slowly blistering on broil.


If mankind continues to pretend

The nightmare will never end.

If we allow humanity to be hacked and recoded

The intellect will be corrupted and eroded.

The Establishment think they’re the bomb

And think we are their slaves…their programmed bio-automatons.


Why are so many so clueless, so compliant?

Why do they suffer abuse from tyrants

Instead of being self-aware, mindful, and defiant?

Mankind…creations of Cosmic Source, Divine mysticism

Potential so marvelous, it is beyond description

Walking like zombies, filling their prescriptions

All the wonders of the universe at our disposal

Yet…we took the magic and created something tragic.


Ani Avedissian copyright May 2022