Saturday, June 11, 2022

It's been a while...sorry.

Millions of common or garden variety gay folks, perfectly decent folks who just happen to be gay but are not gender confused or pedo or into animals or any weird shit, are experiencing prejudice for the first time.  It was always the Cabal's plan to corrupt the world under the banner of faux liberalism.  Such a pity so many humans have no interest in reading the playbook.  The play has not changed since Sumerian times.  One would think that by now, some peeps would have figured something out but alas...the na├»ve, the gullible, the apathetic all seem to outnumber the awakened and the prophetic.

Or do they?  Any guess on the ratio?  Is it 50% clueless television addicted, brain addled, mind controlled noise makers to 50% spirit centered purveyors of common sense?

I can only speak for myself, but at no time have 1 needed or wanted my own initials or my own flag.  I like the initials USA and I confess, I am devoted to the American Flag.  This whole lgbtxyz4&*#789 movement is rubbish.  It's crap.  Just like BLM or Skunk Lives Matter or Armenian Pastry Moms Matter.  

In spirit centered world, there is room for everyone to explore.  We should always keep warm, open hearts and cool, open minds but there comes a time when one has to put out a call for sanity.  There is no such thing as a minor attracted person.  If you want to bonk a child, you have a mental health issue.  And why would you be gender confused?  Men have willies, women have vaginas.  I'm not sure it could be any simpler. 

One choses one's incarnation.  One choses one's family bloodline and gender.  This is done before we project ourselves onto the physical realm.  Pre-incarnation decisions are not taken lightly.  No one wants to waste an incarnation.  

Insane thoughts create an insane world.  What a freaking waste of energy.  What an embarrassment of spiritual poverty.

Peace be with you all :-)