Wednesday, May 4, 2022

A Short Poem About Fasting

 I am Fasting.

Reality exists only in the human mind

So, I wish to explore mine and see what I can find.

Such dedicated research needs minimal distraction

I must fast and look upon pastry as wretched putrefaction.

Although nauseated and queasy, the first day is easy

I can go 24 hours without food and whisky sours.

Day two is strange, as daily habits are re-arranged

Not a good day, I think, to take my Glock pistol down to the range.

Day three kicks in and I have visions of donut sin

But I bear it and grin…I will not give in

I know from experience day 4 turns the corner

I replace food with prayer…I’m a human transformer!

Ani Avedissian copyright April 2022