Wednesday, May 4, 2022

OMG...they are trying bird flu again!

The puppet administration has started to push the bird flu thing again because clearly, far too many people have seen through the cow poo propaganda.

Well, if it is indeed a threat, let's stand back and watch every single person handling poultry drop dead in record numbers, in record time. I'm waiting.
Chicken is consumed in mass quantities. The puppet administration is destroying our food supply. If you connect the dots, you see the bigger picture. Most people have such poor second sight...they can't see the dots. I guess they will starve.
Everyone else, top up your prep pantries and make sure you have multiple water filters. Real riots, not state funded lootings of luxury stores, real riots happen when people cannot feed their families.
We warned you. We warned you because at our core, we do not see our interests as something apart from yours. We warned you because we do not want your children to suffer from malnutrition or be shot while 'liberating' supplies from the local supermarket.
It's up to you now. There is no point in repeating the warnings of the last two and more decades. Awaken or be taken.