Wednesday, May 4, 2022

A Poem

 In Case You Are Wondering (a poem)

In case you are wondering
how peeps carry out money laundering...
a popular way
and it's happening today
is to coerce entire nations
to accept experimental medications.
Rats in a lab
Pharma think that's ab fab!
Let's create a brain washed cult
sit back and examine results.
Yes, it's evil and horribly irresponsible...
but no one can touch us
or hold us accountable.
We are the Lords of Damnation
we lie, cheat and steal without hesitation.
Who cares what happens to the humanoid cattle?
They are easily frightened...far too easily rattled.
How easy it is...and how very delicious
We are killing them off...and they aren't even suspicious!
Ani Avedissian copyright 2021