Tuesday, October 6, 2020

Odds and Sods

 Malfeasance. Thousands will go to prison. Media. Medical. Politics. Militia.

Normalizing subservience to the state. Is this really the legacy we wish to leave our progeny?

Inalienable rights. Bodily integrity.

The one party system. The American Freedom Party. Freedom from the Establishment. Why are we working 24/7 to pay down debt when the banks create their wealth from thin air? O wait. I see why. All I have to do is look around. Who was that masked man?

Sovereignty. Neutrality. Freedom of speech.

If Johnny Public understood the true meaning of Freedom, he wouldn't have such contempt for it. Standing back, watching, in awe, at the current mind control experiment playing out.

Grasping at straws. Making bitch-slap remarks. Venom and stupidity...2020 hallmarks.

"We have a fair and unbiased media." That was written by our old friend Mr. Bo Lox.

Every reprisal is an act of aggression. If every act of aggression requires a reprisal...are we sunk? What do you thunk? Caught in an insane loop. The mentality of poop.

He is one step ahead of the poisoned vial. The clock is ticking. Are you still in denial?