Thursday, October 22, 2020

Forced Homogenization is Not Unity

If you do not accept that a Deep State ideology exists, kindly move off my page. Nothing I post, nothing that happens on the world arena for that matter, will make sense to you.

Good Morning. We are in America. Land of the free, home of the brave. The media relentlessly censors the president and anything with even a hint of conservatism. Why is this not a red flag for the majority of the population? Is it because you think, "Well, my side is doing the censoring so it's okay."
At this time in our history, The Establishment aka Deep State works primarily through the left wing, sowing its seeds of division, fomenting hatred, stirring emotions and encouraging violence all under the false illusion of liberalism. It has abused the term liberal.
At another time, it might choose to work through another avenue.
Peeps...this election isn't about red or blue, left or right. Surely you have realized by now that for the last six decades, both parties are fronts for the big guys. This election is about freedom versus tyranny. Self determination versus slavery. National sovereignty for all nations versus one big homogenized colorless goo of automatons controlled by one giant private corporation.
America's sacred purpose on this earth is Unity Through Diversity. Forced homogenization is not unity. It is mind control.