Thursday, October 29, 2020

Keep Silent and Lose Your Voice?

 New World Order. One World Government. The 1% rules this planet for another 1000 years. Game over.

Keep silent while they terrorize people in the streets. Keep silent while arson is committed. Keep silent while they foment hatred where none exists. Keep silent while criminals are glorified. Keep silent while mob rule is organized, encouraged and financed by local government.
Keep silent as they normalize pedophilia. Keep silent as you acquiesce to levels of censorship even George Orwell could not have foreseen.
Keep silent and refuse to believe you are in the midst of a massive evolutionary shift of consciousness and perilously close to losing your humanity. Keep silent and wear your masks because you are too feeble-minded to realize you have been played.
Keep silent with occasional outbursts of self-righteous directed by the media, the servants of your overlords.
Keep silent and in time, you will forget you have a voice. The Establishment thanks you because the only words they want to hear from your mouth is, "All Hail Lucifer. Feed us. Direct us."
If that makes you laugh out loud, if you cannot entertain the possibility that you have been played, if you cannot see what is playing out all around you, perhaps free will is too much for you to handle. Perhaps you don't deserve it.
Well, the choice is yours to make but, don't expect the rest of us to roll over and allow our sovereignty to be so brutally violated. It's going to get dirty out there. Choose well whom you will serve. Choose well the legacy you wish to leave your progeny. Choose well between the dark and the light because you will have to live that choice for a very long time.
Divine Creator, please help us to heal our fear based thoughts.