Monday, October 12, 2020

Race and Sex

 PLEASE NOTE: Peeps, if you do not believe The Establishment exists, my posts will not make sense to you. Move along now. Nothing to see here.

So, peeps keeping say race and sex don't matter. I agree. So why do peeps keep mentioning it, making it an issue and playing the race and/or sex card?
Surely, we choose the person best qualified for the position, right?
So, why jump through hoops to point out race and sex and make it an issue? You either choose the person best qualified, regardless of race and/or sex, or you choose a person because of their race and/or sex, in which case, am I to assume you bypassed other qualified candidates because people of a different hue or those without penises are incapable of advocating for themselves without your benevolent intervention?
Despite the frantic efforts of certain Establishment factions to convince you to the contrary, this young nation has come a very long way in a very short period of time. My two cents worth? We should make time each day to celebrate that. It will brighten our moods and illuminate our minds and in that illumination, our flaws will be revealed and in the illumination, with open hearts and open minds, we can make improvements...together.
After working in my chosen field for decades, I have learned one thing. All right minded people want the same thing. A peaceful, harmonious life in a functional world. We do, however, disagree on one point...who we perceive is the enemy standing in the way of our dream.
And the result of social conditioning and its sinister sibling, perceptual engineering. The mind is a wonderful thing. Make sure you are the one taking up the space in it.