Sunday, October 18, 2020

The Swamp

😎 Surprising but true...peeps have given no thought to why career politicians with decades of employment in legislature went ballistic, with bells on, when a political outsider was elected to the office of president. Peeps just ate up whatever the media fed them. They deny this, of course, but that is the nature of brainwashing. One denies one has been brainwashed.

So, back to the going ballistic with bells on. Back to inventing everything from A to Z to discredit and oust him...all with no success because well...he is not guilty. They are still trying. They will keep trying up to and well after the election.
The Swamp is the filthy pool of corruption that passes for government. Draining the Swamp was a formula for fiscal reform written by Harvey Francis Barnard. You may know it by another name, NESARA. That is what Potus 45 refers to when he says we shall drain the swamp. We shall expose the corrupt politicians who have gorged themselves on the fat of the land while the divide between masters and slaves grows wider, day by day.
The swamp creatures do not want their swamp to be cleaned up. They like it murky. In the murk they hide the true nature of their work. If the people of the land were to discover the truth, why they would hunt the swamp creatures down and beat them to a pulp.
Or would they? The swamp creatures spent years perfecting their swamp magic...the magic of distraction, ridicule and constant threat perception...the magic of masterful illusion powered by a darker, more sinister and dangerous blood magic.
You see, a group of valiant men and women came together a few moons ago to put an end to these dark practices. They thought long and hard about which path to take for they knew the dark magic had fed upon its victim's fear for long enough to have become very powerful.
After deep and prayerful contemplation, knowing the corruption would eat away and destroy America and the world if they did not act with haste, they came up with two potential scenarios. The first was an all out military coup. The second was to insert a land dweller into the swamp, one who would act as a figurehead for the land they loved and wished to protect from annihilation.
Will the people see this man for what he truly is, the legion he serves and what is being done? Or is the magic too strong to break the mind shackled spell?
Well, my darlings, we shall see, won't we?