Thursday, September 24, 2020

If 2020 Wrote a Memoir...

 If 2020 writes a memoir, it will be titled, People Searching for Their Brains While Shoving Their Heads Up Their Arses. Part One.

For so many reasons and in time, I will list them all. Here's one for today.
You are glorifying career criminals. Violent criminals. Drug dealers and their accomplices. You are idolizing them. Putting their names on helmets. Engaging in civil disorder. Spewing venom over complete strangers. Demanding they comply with your idiotic salutes and slogans before they can move on and go about their daily business. And you really think this has anything to do with a few bad apples in the cop shop?
Here's a suggestion. The next time you eat out and get food poisoning, close down all the restaurants. Every single one. If one restaurant poisons you, then all restaurants must be defunded, right? Who needs food?
I had a pet hedgehog once. His name was Harold. He had more self-awareness and capacity for critical thinking than the lot of you put together. I miss Harold.