Monday, October 26, 2020

Hammer and Sickle Time?

 Good Morning, We the Peeps

🙂 It's getting close to Hammer Time. Let's hope it doesn't turn into Hammer and Sickle Time. So, listen up.
The Globalists aka Deep State aka the Establishment aka the Cabal and so forth will continue to take desperate measures to prevent the exposure of their corrupt agenda.
They have tried for four years...without success. It is fair to assume they are now beyond desperate. Watch out for f a l s e f l a g s and other manifestations of gross deception, up to and including the realms of the ridiculous.
Encouraged by the masses who willingly lap up every drop of bull feces the Daily Spin feeds us, they will continue to defend their dark program until they are, quite literally, destroyed.
Under constant bombardment, slandered, ridiculed and threatened, we have come a long way. Hold the line. We have not come this far only to come this far. The worst is yet to come. The trump card has not yet been played. When that happens...OMG.
Remember, this is not about red versus blue. If we play this game properly, we will achieve its true expose decades of corruption and brain washing on all sides and to break the multi-party system.
America has a sacred purpose. Unity through diversity. I have much to say on this...and we all know I am verbose 🙂

*The majority are not silent. Far from. The media are silent about the majority. Smoke and mirrors. Illusion of collusion. The truth will cut like scissors. After much screaming, we will see an end to the confusion.

*World Health Organization + United Nations = machinery for New World Order. If you think that is a good thing, you may have a thought process disorder.
It's not too late to deliberate. Once it's done, you cannot backdate.
The choice is clear. Evolve in autonomy or devolve into automatons.
Choose wisely.