Monday, August 3, 2020

What is Going on Behind the Scenes? Part 2

👀Hi Peeps

First and foremost in the war against Deep State is the dismantling of the core of the power base.  I am not talking about the banking system...that is being dealt with.  I am talking about Human Trafficking.

For decades, I have talked about ritual sexual abuse by the Establishment.  As adept as they are in the art of procuring and penetrating, raping children is not exclusively a Catholic Church agenda.  If you knew the size and scope of human trafficking for sex, for ritual and for the production of adrenochrome, you would vomit for nine days straight.

Do you honestly think any actor/celebrity, no matter how talented they might be, deserves a paycheck in the tens of millions?  What does one have to take part in to make that kind of money?  What does one have to cover up or, through carefully placed symbolism, promote?

"Here Babe...take a few drops of this.  You will feel amazing and it will significantly retard the aging process.  Good, isn't it?  Can I get you more?  Of course I can keep you supplied!  But, I am the only one who can so do me a favor and don't talk to anyone about this.  How much?  Well, it's expensive...way up there...but the company will take care of you, Babe.  Of course it will.  What is it made from?  Ah.  Well, here's the deal.  It sounds kinda gross but stay with me.  It's made from the blood of young children.  Yeah, I know but hey...don't you feel the best you've felt for years?  That's right.  I knew you would see it my way.  What happens to the children?  Are they hurt during the extraction?  O, don't worry about that.  They don't know any other life.  This is what they are bred for.  Hey Babe...don't think about that.  How do you like your new beach house?"

Blackmail.  It's a thing.  A control thing.  You know that Secret Elixir of Life we keep reading about in mythology?  That's adrenochrome, and the Establishment, in whatever form it has taken over the years, has been using it to blackmail and control people for millennia.  

Peeps, you have no idea what is about to be exposed.  It goes way to the top and the man you love to hate, through media character assassination I might add, is part of a group of world leaders and military top brass, dedicated to exposing this vile practice and bringing the filth to justice.  Interesting note:  no one else has wanted to do this.  Why?  Because they were part of it.

Dominoes will fall.  Ha Ha.  Pizza.  Get it?  Right...not funny.