Monday, August 10, 2020

Fallacious Ensigns

Hey, Peeps  Watch out for a Fallacious Ensign attack coming to a town near you. Since we are already in the realms of the ridiculous, yes we are, this one will involve phony alien attacks.

I am not the only person talking about this. Deep State peeps are getting very pissed off with all this awakening. Make no mistake...they are nervous...and with good reason.

Should you see light beams in the sky and a bunch of unemployed actors running around pretending to be killer aliens from outer space...please go home...lock the door. Do not open the door. Do not let anyone except your tribe in. Do not sign any documentation. Just stay home and do not fall for it.

This too shall pass. Until the next one...and the next one...until we reach critical mass in the I will not fall for it department. Can't come soon enough.

hashish tag #isshejokingbecausesometimeswecannottell