Friday, August 7, 2020

Stop Feeding the Coffers of Corruption.

 😎Heads up, Peeps. Here we go again with the divide and conquer. Don't fall for it. Stop feeding the Establishment coffers of corruption.

There is now a movement to get folks to apologize for their whiteness. What a load of bollocks. It is designed to over-stimulate our already unsettled emotions and create racial issues where non exist.

If you feel triggered by that last sentence, please reread it and understand it before commenting through the filter of your petty, ego-driven emotions.


If your skin is brown
That's cool, don't knock it down.
If your skin is white
That's perfectly all right.
If your skin is yellow
Then you are awesome fellows.
If your skin is red
By Great Spirit you are led.
If you are aliens and your skin is green...
Welcome! Where the heck have you all been?
And if we missed a color...who cares?
You are still my sisters and my brothers.

hashish tag #youareyousoeasilyledbythesesociopathbastards?