Monday, August 3, 2020

What is going on behind the scenes? Part 1

👀Hi Peeps

Triggered much?  Locked in fear?  Experiencing bouts of rage?  How about a touch of paranoia followed by a sense of hopelessness?  

Well, you are not alone...and this makes the Establishment very happy because...they are losing their grip on OUR sovereignty. Each fearful thought, every act of compliance through fear, gives them hope and the will to carry on.  I am done with that.  How about you?

To those who insist on believing the mainstream news is indeed news, please stop reading now and move to another blog.  Everyone else...listen up.

A great deal is going on behind the scenes.  Yes, I can hear you.  "When will we see the arrests?  When will they be exposed?"  Hey, Deep State ideology took years to develop and deploy.  It IS being dismantled but, as I am sure you can appreciate, it is a logistics nightmare.  The sociopaths are themselves living in fear...or whatever version of fear a sociopath is capable of experiencing.

Their global network is showing sign of wear and tear.  Middle level minions are jumping ship.  Why?  Because of Jane and Joe Main Street USA.  That is where the battle against global slavery will be fought and won; on the streets by the common citizen.  POTUS and the Patriots are part of an international  movement to expose and uproot the world controllers.  It would give them some validation to know that the population they are working so diligently to save understands the enormity of the situation. 

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