Sunday, August 9, 2020

Kick the Partisan Poo Poo!

 I am not Republican or Democrat. Both parties are broken. I am someone who understands Deep State ideology and respects the president's efforts to expose and dismantle it. If you think Deep State does not exist, you are naive beyond words and your ignorance works against the betterment of mankind. At another point in history, I would probably not be so concerned, but given the current case you had not noticed there is an all or nothing power grab by the Establishment...I cannot sit idly by while you allow our devolution from sovereign to slave.

Ani Avedissian

Below from Forbidden Knowledge.

This president is taking on some of the most powerful and nefarious organizations and corporations on Earth, with Big Pharma being near the top of that list. Make no mistake about it, when President Trump said he's doing what no other president would do

In truth, he's doing what no one else on the planet could do, because Big Pharma is Deep State. Big Pharma is Shadow Government. Big Pharma is part of the Big Club. Big Pharma controls the Mainstream Media, politicians and doctors. Big Pharma makes the chemical weapons; delivery systems the doctors inject into our perfect little babies and Big Pharma presents itself as the cure to the 'Rona.

All we need, in order to return to normal is their vaccine.

Big Pharma is responsible for the opioid crisis and the deaths of hundreds of thousands. Big Pharma runs hit teams. Hundreds of truth-telling doctors have been suicided. And Big Pharma causes many of the ailments they then stand to profit from by curing.

When Big Pharma giant, Baxter International was caught red-handed in 2009 distributing live avian flu virus in their vaccine materials containing a mix of H3N2 seasonal flu viruses and unlabeled H5N1 viruses, distributed to 18 countries, who helped cover it up?

The Mainstream Media - the same Mainstream Media that despises Donald J Trump and lies about him to the American People every single day.

Make no mistake. The president is taking on some of the most dangerous and nefarious foes on Planet Earth, like no other man or woman could or might dare to do.

Pray for our President.