Thursday, August 27, 2020

It is So Obvious...It Is Worth Pointing Out.

 😀  Hi Peeps :-)

Mainstream media is bias.  Items posted on social media are fact checked (I use the term in jest) by the Establishment which means they are censored by the Establishment.

Most peeps are still posting and commenting through partisan filters.  Most are too brainwashed to know they are doing this.  

Why are we still walking around with masks?  Why are we tolerating the destruction of our cities by paid for wanna-be thugs?  Why does the DNC have a strange little logo?  

This is what happens when we become distracted, indoctrinated and feeble-minded. We become self-absorbed.  The bigger picture becomes blurred and one day, we find that the people doing the blurring have erased our faces.  Masks are the first step.  

Please know that in my big picture, this ends with the likes of Fauci and Gates, followed by all the mayors and governors who supported them, being tried for crimes against humanity and treason.  Then comes execution.

If you know anything about dark forces, you will know that execution by the collective (We the People) is required to break the Luciferian agenda.  They love their rituals...the dark ones.  I love rituals too.  Can't wait to see some of my preferred ceremonies performed and witnessed.  

In my naivety, I thought it would be amusing to watch this end of days scenario play out.  I thought I would take it lightly.  I was wrong.  Watching people defend and glorify their oppressors is painful.

Lavender's blue dilly dilly

Lavender's purple

In about three more months

We will all come full circle.