Thursday, August 27, 2020

Are They Feeling the Heat?

 Hey Peeps 

It's about to get real. Globalists are feeling the heat. Peeps be waking up. Peeps be asking questions. Peeps be peeved. Expect the Establishment to throw all they have at us. Both sides are fighting for their lives and it is exceptionally dirty behind the scenes.

It will be a real nail biter, up and down and around and, at times, it may seem that the globalist propagandists are winning but...and it's a big but...corruption will be exposed and the light still holds the trump card.

Reminder: don't bother commenting on my page if you do not believe in/understand deep state ideology.  Nothing on the world arena will make sense to you if you do not understand what it is.  Your comments will be deleted, as will any rudeness or immaturity.