Monday, April 19, 2021

And Lo...

 From the BOOK OF IMBECILITY: Random excerpts from THE most sacred scripture of common sense and soul sovereignty.

And Lo, the Man required the substance be tested on animals and was done. And more Lo...all the animals died and their souls returned to the one true Maker.
And so the Man, taking great delight in the destruction of the animals, deemed the substance worthy of entry into human bodies, for the Man careth not for the human but desireth the Firmament for his own use.
The humans, having been conditioned by television and other advertising to accept death as a normal side effect of modern medication, received the substance as willingly as a heroin addict receives his next fix.
Deep down he knows it may kill him, but the pathways connecting his mind to common sense and a respect for self have been irrevocably altered, rendering him feeble-minded and unable to think for himself. He hears only the voice of the Dark Overlord demanding that he obey, conform and commit slow suicide.
Here endeth today's lesson.