Wednesday, April 28, 2021

The Woke. The Poke. The Joke.

The Woke. The Poke. The Joke. Copyright 2021

Peeps frozen in fear
Peeps identifying as woke
Whose minds are less than clear
Lining up to get poked.
Confined to your haciendas
Faces covered like common criminals
Refusing to see the agenda
Mental faculties set to minimal.
The Hippocratic oath
now corrupted to include mass murder
You can choose Light or Dark, not both
One creates peace, the other manic disorder.
Mankind sits on the brink
Awakening or the end of our species?
Will we swim or sink?
Or become automatons on corporate leashes?
The choice is made within
Dare to pierce the barriers of inner consciousness.
Once you let the demons in...
Your body becomes their acropolis.