Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Dear Mouth of Sauron

Dear Mainstream Media aka Mouth of Sauron. Good Morning. You have done a good job thus far obeying your corporate overlord's instructions.

I suspect you have begun to realize that a certain portion of the population, a significant portion in fact, does not identify as feeble-minded, woke or moronic.

Those would be the ones we call soul sovereign free thinkers. Having maintained a capacity for objectivity, they are capable of thinking for themselves and require no prompting or intervention from your pathetic propaganda.

Do you remember the story of the little Dutch boy who, to stem the flow of water and save his country, inserted his tiny digit into the dike? What a brave little chap he was. Well Mainstream Media, that is exactly what you are doing now. Running around like headless chickens, desperately plugging the many holes in your false official narrative.

I suspect some time soon, you will realize just how many dikes there are and how many holes they have and...I suspect you will eventually come to the realization that you don't have enough tiny digits to plug them all.

That day will be a special day. On that day, I open the Van Winkle Special Reserve Bourbon. #freewillredpillitwillkillyourchoiceyourvoiceliveordiemanywillcrybrainswillfry