Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Firehose of Propaganda

Without the firehose of propaganda, you would never know about the thing we are not allowed to talk about. It would just be another type of flu, which it is. But you drowned in fear and fell for it.
In doing so, you confirmed how feeble minded society has become. You bent the knee at the first hurdle...the right to show your face and breathe freely...to travel, to have open access to services and goods and to live your life as you see fit.
If the hoax were any more obvious, it would paint itself neon ugly orange and dance in front of you shouting, "I'm a hoax!"
Your acquiescence guarantees your obsolescence. The demon of fear is sucking your life force. You are, quite literally, handing this planet over to those who serve the Darkness. Good luck with that.
On a brighter note, those who do not follow mainstream mind control media, outnumber you and will fight to the last drop of blood to prevent a totalitarian takeover.
You don't know this, of course, because the Mouth of Sauron won't broadcast it.