Wednesday, April 21, 2021

And Lo...they effed up the world.

From the BOOK OF IMBECILITY: Random excerpts from THE most sacred scripture of common sense and soul sovereignty.
And Lo...the people continued to line up to accept the Mark of the Beast, each justifying their actions in a manner that pleaseth them and keepeth them calm.
When friends warned them of the dangers, they dismissed their concerns. Most did so out of ignorance, from minds frozen in fear. "We are ascending." said some. "It cannot hurt us as our DNA is ascending into a different dimension. Our Crystal Awareness will overcome any potential threat."
And Lo...those who gave the warning sighed and grieved the loss of their friends for in truth, if one had Crystal Awareness, one would know that the Mark is designed to destroy the connection between the human interface and the spirit self.
They sighed, they cried and grieved for they knew that if one had Crystal Awareness, they would know to stay far, far away from the Mark.
And so it came it pass that the entire human gene pool was tainted with the Mark. Those who refused to bend the knee to the Dark Lord, prayed and made preparation.
Here endeth today's lesson.