Tuesday, March 9, 2021

"Antifa and BLM are “diversionary ops.”

"Antifa and BLM are “diversionary ops.” They’re pushed out there to deflect attention from the biggest problem that’s destroying inner-city black communities: the gangs. And the gangs are left untouched, because they’re part of the massive global drug trade".

Money laundering. Money laundering. Money laundering. We can solve the inner city issues in a matter of weeks if the core issues are exposed and dealt with. Military units can take them out boom boom and it's over.
So, why does this not happen? Because the banks launder the drug cartel money. It's big money. Do you want to see inner city communities thrive? Police are not the problem...so grow up. Drugs and their effects are the problem. Where do drugs come from? Cartels provide, gangs take care of distribution and chain supply.
Break the gangs. Stop laundering cartel money. Take back the inner cities. So much good work is being done by inspired, articulate pastors but they are fighting a losing battle against state sanctioned drug running.
We are constantly distracted from investigating the truth. Society is run by sociopaths engorged with power, greed and a lust for the destruction of mankind.
Please tell me your version of what it would take to make people interested in learning how the world works and how to make it a better place...because it starts in our individualized hearts and minds.