Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Stop Coddling Patriots!

Dear people ( content providers) who are trying to comfort/coddle/deceive patriots that something was going to happen but due to something else, it did not happen and blah bloody blah...and we moved the dates up...STFU and let the people who actually know what the plan is, get on with it. Armies do not broadcast DETAILS of battle plans.

O, and so sorry FU Tube banned you and you lost thousands of hits. Same here. It's an information war. Misinformation is the weapon...on both sides.
This is a war for the future of mankind. If you don't have the spiritual stamina for the long haul, step aside, shut up and let the peeps who have, get on with it.
Yes, people are fragile and clueless, but, as long as they are still breathing, there is hope. Not as much as I would like...but hey...free will and all that.