Saturday, March 13, 2021

I Did Not Come to America to be a Slave to New World Order

Freedom is not something the government of the day can give you.
It is a God given right and a spirit centered mindset. Liberty cannot be bestowed upon We the People by administrators.
Ergo, it is not something that can be restricted or taken away by aforementioned government.
We do however, live on a physical realm and on such realms, there will always exist a group of sociopaths with near unlimited wealth and influence. On physical realms, freedom presents itself as a choice. We choose between freedom and the expansion of our glorious cosmic souls, and tyranny under the boot of those with dark agendas.
The sociopaths will take over the media and turn it into a propaganda machine. They will assault the people daily with their relentless campaign to convince the people they have no right to their opinions.
Once the people begin to doubt their capacity for objective thought, the sociopaths, seeing the crack in the people's self confidence, will up their game and, using the firehose of propaganda method, will batter the minds of a once confident people until they no longer own their minds.
At that point, the Establishment will kick it up another notch and pursue the path of false narratives, followed by censorship and punitive measures for free thinkers. This will be followed by a complete totalitarian take over and, should we let it get this far, we are perilously close to another one thousand years of Luciferian control.
This is where we are now. On the brink. Brinks are dangerous places.
This story is as old as the hills and yet, we still fall for it. I, for one, did not come down to Earth to be a pawn for the dark forces to play with. I did not move to America to become a slave in New World Order. I came here, as did all honest immigrants, to contribute to the storyline of this wonderful nation.
If you are on the fence, get off it and pick a side. New World Order seeks to destroy all fencing and not...I repeat not...for the betterment of mankind.
Why have fences when...the people, having given up common sense and critical thinking, have turned the entire planet into one big prison?