Tuesday, September 22, 2020

FB Censorship

 Attention Peeps  Starting September 30th 2020, anything I have to share pertinent to our personal and collective evolution and the betterment of mankind, will be censored on FB. You will not be able to read my posts on FB as they will be censored.

I will continue to pontificate daily through my blog on Blogger.

I will post, on FB, a link to my blog, every day, several times each day...I have a lot to say and am not shy about sharing my thoughts.

You can also access my blog through my website www.aniavedissian.com

I also have a presence on Parler and Twitter but am limited by the number of characters I can use so, linking to my blog is the best option for now. Staring October, I will also be on Bitchute, Brand New Tube and Brighteon. It's a lot of work getting this together so please be patient with me.

Peace be with us all.

I will use FB purely for casual social interaction and recipes.